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Monika Wehr

CyberWehr RMS GmbH advises nationally and internationally oriented SMEs in all questions of operational data protection with competent, experienced partners with the goal of DSG/DSGVO compliance.
With a holistic approach on a strategic, legal, technical and organizational level, we use synergies from quality and risk management. This protects personal data, but also business-critical, internal data.

Your goals are ours: minimizing compliance, liability and business risks in the balancing act between appropriate data protection and entrepreneurial security. We represent your interests vis-à-vis the foreign supervisory authority in three languages D, E and F in all data protection matters, especially if you do not have a branch in the EU.

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Data protection is our core competence

Fines in case of data protection violations do not have to be!

Data Protection Act - DSG/GDPR

Subject projects that appear to be high-risk to a special risk assessment

Risk Analysis - Privacy Impact Assessment

The "right to be forgotten" is the obligation to delete personal data!

Deletion concepts

It's not a question of if, but when the company will be hacked!

Data protection and information security

Consent to cookies on the website or receiving a newsletter or not, must be voluntary!

Data protection consulting

The leadership responsibility of the management is the professional control of data protection!

Data Protection Audit

Protect data subjects' rights, maintain procedure directory, ensure cybersecurity!

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Risk Analysis - Privacy Impact Assessment

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Data Safety, Data Backup

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Swiss DPA / GDPR Compliance

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +41 79 348 55 63.

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Select your topics: Your selection leads purposefully to the individual consultation of your concern.

Which steps can or should I take to reach Swiss DPA / GDPR Compliance?


Data breach, right of access, privacy policy, data protection impact assessment.


Identify threats to data, analyze. Data transfer to third countries.


Implementation of the Swiss Data Protection Act / GDPR.

Continue to improve

Optimize data protection with the P-D-C-A cycle.


We create added value through internal and external workshops

Mindestmass an Cybersecurity
Data protection and cybersecurity are a perfect pair! They ensure:

>   Minimizing compliance, liability, business and reputational risks
>   Protect all business data from misuse, loss, and disclosure
>   Detect and mitigate threats immediately
>   Build trust with customers, business partners, and the public
>   Optimize process and IT costs
>   Increase competitiveness
>   Trust data policy for progress and innovation

"We inform you on current occasion - in the webinar".


  • Important data protection aspects or innovations in Switzerland
  • Relevant opinions of the Federal and State Data Protection Conference in Germany
  • Decisions of the European Data Committee from cross-border disputes in the application of the GDPR

Wir bieten auch interne und externe Workshops an

Calendar table preview of roadshows
01Wie schützen Schweizer KMU ihre Daten in der Zukunft? Auswirkungen des revidierten DSG – sichere Vorbereitung und DSG/DSGVO Compliance.15.6.2021/11:15 Uhr Register
02Worauf ist beim Datenschutz im Home Office zu achten? Praxishinweise und Checkliste zum Schutz aller Daten im Unternehmen.13.7.2021/11:15 UhrRegister
03Hi Alexa – can I trust you? Warum gehören Digitalisierung und Datenschutz zusammen?17.8.2021Register
04Aktuelle Fallbeispiele von Datenschutzverletzungen - Handlungsstrategien und Prävention.14.9.2021Register

Customer Testimonial

In Monika Wehr from the company CyberWehr RMS GmbH, we have found a competent contact person who has given us an understanding of the trust-building aspects of customer loyalty in addition to transparency and security in the company as a side effect of EU-DSGVO compliance. She works in a concentrated manner towards the goal we have defined and takes into account individual specifics in the company. An added value for us was the risk analysis, which showed us the synergies to cybercrime and protection measures, so that we could define a clear, cost-effective strategy in the "To Do" list. We can highly recommend the cooperation with her.

Thomas Hirsiger, CEO

Ingenieurgruppe München

Ms. Wehr was super knowledgeable about claims and was able to smooth all the waters with her calm and authoritative manner. Her advice on minimizing risk had a very positive impact on our planning and organizing so that we could work with better fee efficiency.

Rudi Seibt, Board of Directors

TER Engineering GmbH

At Cyber Wehr, we feel very well taken care of with regard to data protection in compliance with the law. The managing director, Ms. Wehr, with her very pleasant and professional manner, is always approachable for us, even after completing her activities with us. In addition, she is very competent in her area and has implemented the legal framework in dealing with the GDPR for our company when setting up the web presence. We will gladly hire this company again and again in the future and can recommend CyberWehr RMS GmbH with a clear conscience.

Andreas Terschanski, CEO

CyberWehr RMS GmbH

Alte Landstrasse 109

8803 Rüschlikon (ZRH), Switzerland

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